Creative Consulting

The story of the brand
Friends began to come to me asking for help with resumes, grant applications, and budgeting and mission statements for creative projects. At the same time, I started to work for organizations with a common theme: small, non-profit, media-savvy groups able to reach an audience. I could see the gap between the point that my friends were at, starting out, and the success of the organizations I was working for. People began to ask me for help in bridging that gap. Artists typically think of the big picture but sometimes have difficulty with communication and strategic decision-making, which is how I can add value.

The story of the brand’s name

In terms of the etymology of names, the name Emily means industrious and the name Fay means fairy or elf. As a child, I was called the Industrious Elf.

The product/service

Creative consulting. Helping artists and artisans to increase profitability and market reach with articulate language and efficient business practices. I am the person you can call to help you articulate the vision with words, play devil’s advocate, and manage all the logistical and strategic details that you may have overlooked.

Principles I apply to my own work as well as client work:

  • To go beyond merely seeking exposure, which in and of itself is not an end game, cannot pay the bills, cannot build artistic integrity
  • To help the artist reach beyond clichés, such that her messaging reflects the authenticity of her work.
  • To help the artist evaluate the true costs of labor and defend the worth of her product. Time equals money.
  • To organize, synthesize, and analyze – research, product and project management geared towards improving efficiency, i.e., reducing costs.


Artists and artisans with at least medium-sized budgets and unique products/projects. My clients have included: filmmakers at every stage of production; authors in need of research, ghostwriting, and editing; craftsman in need of marketing and sales consulting; innovators and visionaries in need of marketing videos.