Women of the world
I’ve had enough.

You do not always have to appear strong;
Vulnerability is the key to creativity.

You are not needy because you have needs.

You need not cling to the delusions of youth;
chemicals burn and clichés bore.

Wear whatever masks you want to,
but only because you want to.

You do not have to want to have it all to be a success.
You have two hands and two feet and one heart, if you’re lucky,
and that’s enough.

I’ve had enough
of so-called enlightened men who ignore their privilege
to start families in their forties
to start and stop and restart their careers at any age
and still be taken seriously
who love their mothers but demand we take Plan B
who champion women’s rights
because it’s more convenient for their busy Tinder schedules.

Fuck Tinder.
Fuck texting and sexting and emoticons.
Pick up the goddamned phone.
Fuck waiting for him to say it.
Say what you mean; then walk away if you have to.
Fuck anyone and anything that shames you out of your humanity.

Eve Ensler said it best:
I am an emotional creature.

You do not have to remain detached.
Detachment is a form of desperation too.

You do not have to take pills to suppress your feelings.
Feelings are not crazy; they are human.

Wear your heart on your sleeve if you want to.
Be a Mother if you want to.
Be the Man if you want to.

Just be the real, live, thinking, loving person that you were meant to be
with or without them.

Happy Women’s Day.